Saturday, April 5, 2008

Jealous Mckay

Mckay was jealous of Halli having her picture taken. He started crying about it so I turned the camera on him and I guess he was a bit embarrassed of his tearful face but he promptly cheered up once the focus was on him.

Clapping Halli

Halli's favorite thing to do is clap. She does it for everyone or just to entertain herself. We think it is cute!

Last Game for Cheer

This was the last game of the year for the cheerleaders. They had a cheer camp for younger girls and they performed with them at half time. (They are wearing the camp t-shirt.) Maddi had a fun time cheering this year so she is going to try out again to cheer in 8th grade with her friends Greta and Emily.

2008 Pinewood Derby

Max had a pretty good run at the Pinewood Derby this year . He came in 3rd fastest in the Bear Den Group. We thought it was quite a showing having put the car together an hour and a half before weigh in. Max was pleased with the medal but he was a bit disappointed to not get a trophy. He thought he should have done better because last year he was 3rd fastest overall. (Rich spent days and days on that car!) The Rasmussen's did an awesome job running the derby. I think there was something like 130 races and they got them done in a very timely manner! I'm just glad to have another one under our belt. We have many, many, many more years of Pinewood Derby's in our future :)