Sunday, May 4, 2008

Max's Birthday

Max is ten! I can hardly believe it. He wanted an oreo ice cream cake which I purchased from Cold Stone. It was yummy! This year it is family birthdays so no friends were invited. We celebrated with cake and then Max opened presents. I think he was happy with what he got commenting that he received more than he even knew existed.

Thank you

A big thanks to Stephen and Desirae for the pick ups and drop offs at the airport as well as letting us crash at their place and then driving two cars down to Deridder to accommodate all of our people and stuff. We love you guys and really enjoyed the visit! Halli took a special liking to Stephen which made Brooklyn a little jealous. Thank you Brookie for sharing your Daddy! We look forward to seeing you all again in June.

Louisiana Visit

Here we are in the front yard after church. It was a wonderful fast & testimony meeting where all of us took the opportunity to bear our testimonies. It was a great day to reflect on our incredible heritage. Not a bad looking group I'd say :) It was really fun having six of the ten siblings at home but the other four were missed!

Crawfish Boil

So of course being in Lousiana we had to have a traditional crawfish boil. T.J. insisted on it. We enjoyed red beans and rice, corn, potatoes and crawfish. It was delicious!

Halli & Great Grandma Blanton

Here is Halli with her Great Grandma Blanton. It was wonderful to visit with Grandma in her new place. Mom and Aunt Janet did a wonderful job getting things put away and organized. Grandma seems happy to be there and we had some lovely conversations. I am glad Halli could meet her even if she probably won't remember.

Halls of DeRidder High

Rebecca is Home! Here are 3 of my 4 sisters in the hall of Deridder High School. Kimberly and I took the opportunity to come home for a visit to welcome Rebecca back from Spain and we visited Mom for lunch that day at the High School. Not much has changed except for the color of the lockers and the lack of carpeting. It was fun considering we all graduated from there and Rosalia is currently Miss DHS! Way to go Rosalia!