Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was a bit crazy this year. Our ward planned a chili cook off and trunk or treat on Halloween. Max and Hunter really wanted to trick or treat in the old neighborhood with their friends and Hayden and Maddi both had separate plans. We had a brief stint at the ward party and then headed over to Stillwater Greens where we caught up with the younger group of trick or treaters and had fun knocking on a few doors with them. Halli loved it!!! way more than I thought she would. We have more candy than anyone should ever be allowed to have.

Hunter's Soccer

Hunter had a winning soccer season this fall. He enjoyed playing with Bradley and Tyler on his team as well as other friends. He was also lucky to have two great coaches who made the season a lot of fun! Here are a few pictures of him at one of his games at Wilson Playfield.

Meridian Fall Festival

Meridian had a fall festival and we attended. They had this photo opportunity at the front of the festival and somehow they are the only pictures I took besides the one right before of Halli and Mckay in their Halloween attire. It was fun for the kids.

Bethany's Birthday

I had a great birthday this year thanks to my friends. Rebecca called and invited me to come over for lunch--the morning of my birthday she said she needed to change plans a little and to come over a little early and without makeup. I said ok and wondered what was going on. A few weeks previous I had hosted a Mary Kay party so my first thoughts were -- she is getting me back and we are having a Mary Kay "Glamour Makeover" which is what they want you to schedule after the first class. It wasn't! She and all of my friends had pitched in and sent me down to the Butterfly Salon & Spa for a facial. It was wonderful and then later that night we all got together at Tia's and had a yummy desert prepared by Kelly. Angie is noticably absent in the photo but she was at the hospital having a baby so she is excused. It was a great day --thank you, thank you, thank you! I am blessed to have such wonderful friends!