Monday, April 26, 2010

Max's 12th Birthday!

Max had a family party a few days early because Maddi had a Cheer competition in Vegas on his actual birthday. Max received some Atlantis Lego sets and the Fablehaven book series! We can't believe his is 12 and are so excited for him to receive the priesthood.


I See Badgers said...

thanks for the updates! Happy belated birthday, max!


tia said...

It was so fun to see all these pictures! We've missed you! We went to Utah for Conference weekend, but ran out of time to do everything we visiting friends:( Keep the pictures coming:)

I See Badgers said...

I just went through all of the pictures. You all look great!


Amanda said...

I loved looking at your pictures. I cannot believe how different Halli looks, then again it's been almost 2 years since I saw you you.
Looks like you guys have been busy!