Monday, April 26, 2010

Max's 12th Birthday!

Max had a family party a few days early because Maddi had a Cheer competition in Vegas on his actual birthday. Max received some Atlantis Lego sets and the Fablehaven book series! We can't believe his is 12 and are so excited for him to receive the priesthood.

Happy Easter

I guess easter doesn't have the same appeal when you are a teenager. Hayden and Maddi slept in and I couldn't hold the little kids off any longer so here they are enjoying their baskets!

April Fools

TJ and Michelle were in town conference weekend and stopped by with Brandon and Mason on April 1st so everyone came over for dinner. My friend Jerusha had decided to play an April fools joke on her husband and ordered this blonde wig. She told him she was going to get her hair done and then came home wearing the wig. After getting his reaction and taking it off she let me borrow it and I got a laugh out of my family as well. You can see we all wanted to see how we would look as blondes!

The Cabin at Brianhead

We went up to Brianhead for a long weekend with our friends The Foshees. There was skiing, sledding and snowmobiling. The kids had a blast! I enjoyed relaxing with a good book or movie as well as having lots of good eats! Thanks for inviting us!

New Years at the Haddock Cabin

We had a great time hanging out with the Haddock family over christmas break. Lots of good food, game playing and relaxing!

Hayden's favorite pasttime. Teenage boys can never get enough sleep!

Maddi enjoying a book.

Christmas Morning

I think everyone had a great Christmas! I sure enjoyed watching everyone open their gifts! It was a fun day!

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve with friends enjoying their tradition of decorating sugar cookies. We all brought three dozen. One of my friends loved my cookies so much I had to admit to cheating and buying the prepackaged cookie dough and just adding flour! We also had a white elephant gift exchange. It was fun but we got done so late no nativity this year :(

Maddi's Italian dinner

Maddison was required to create an authentic Italian dinner for her English class. She researched online and came up with these dishes. The cookies were soo yummy!

Halli and the potty

Well I thought it might be a little easier to train a girl than a boy but I guess it doesn't matter. She still loves her diapers! too bad for me :(

Hunter's Baptism

Hunter's baptism happened to fall on my dad's 65th birthday so we had a big celebration! It was a bit crazy but it was great having everyone together and I think Hunter wins for the most family in attendance at a baptism. Too bad I never got a picture of the entire group! This is me with my sisters at our luncheon before the baptism. I never even got a picture with Hunter or my Dad the entire weekend! Oh well guess I will just have to rely on the memories!

Hunter's Birthday

Hunter wanted to have a lego birthday party so we came up with some games involving lego's and had everyone create their own with lego's they earned from the games. He also did not want a birthday cake. He wanted donuts so that is what we had instead. I think everyone had a great time!


Jessica and Shane came up to enjoy some trick or treating in the neighborhood.
Rich had some trick or treating at work so we took the opportunity to see his building and score some candy as well.
Maddi and two of her friends decided to be fairies and I said I would make the skirts. It took a lot longer than I thought to cut and tie all that toole! Why didn't anyone tell me they sell it on spools?

Mckay and Halli trying on some costumes that didn't make the cut!